Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Well, we're done.
On behalf of the organization, thanks to everybody. It's been so nice to have you around.
Thanks to our keynote speakers, to the people talking in the round tables, to every lecturer, chairs, friends, to the people attending the conference and to the students who have been such a great aid for the organization. Good job!
It would be such a long list if we start mentioning everybody, so we'll keep it in secret. But you all know that we really mean it when we say that we feel grateful that you came and contribute to our conference.
We hope that everybody had a safe trip traveling back home and... only one last wish: See you next time!
Ondo izan!
By the way, in that picture that you have above, you only see some of us there in the City Hall reception. We were a bigger group. Some of you skipped this event because you were tired or eager to work on your presentations but we didn't forget you when we were giving thanks to all of you.
In the following days, I'll try to upload more pictures. You are invited to send any picture you may want to share with us to rewest2014@gmail.com and I'll make a selection.
Once again, thanks to everybody for such a great job! Mila esker guztioi!!