Monday, March 11, 2013

Our next challenge

Our next challenge will take place in a few days. In the 16th and 17th of April, more than twenty researchers from many different universities will gather in our Faculty of Arts to take part in the I International Symposium Cultural Transfers of the American West: Beyond the Text. Following our recent interest on different genres and disciplines, REWEST understands that the American West can be approached from different perspectives and lenses. This time, scholars will deal with topics ranging from translation studies to cultural or film studies and embracing different genres and topics: music, movies, books; standard, African-American and homosexual cowboys; men and women; the city and the wilderness; Native Americans, Chican@s or Anglos. Not a single story, not a simple history. 
So far, the organizing committee is pleased to announce that, even though there might still be changes, again we will be honored by the presence of a good bunch of noted scholars and distinguished artists. This time, Jordi Solé, José Miguel Santamaría, Celestino Deleyto, Enrique Urbizu and David Fenimore will be our starting lineup. International, diverse and renowned, this is a lineup to win the NBA, isn't it?

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