Thursday, September 4, 2014

III International Conference The American Literary West: FIRST (TENTATIVE) PROGRAM

A month for the big day and it is about time to start getting ready for it. 

Click in the link that you'll find at the end of this post and you'll have direct access to our first tentative program. We are open to study changes and variations whenever possible and justified. So check your slot and title and if you have any comment to do you can always get back to us at

More information about rooms and chairs will be given when the final program is published. 

And, please, don't forget to complete your registration before coming to Vitoria-Gasteiz. And remember that we are already here and almost ready to give you a warm welcome and share this experience with you. 

Please click on the capitalized word PROGRAM to have access to the file. 

And, as we always do, you can enjoy some music while you take a look to the program, so feel free to press the play button and have some fun listening to...


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